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Paul Smecker
28 October 1956
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( This is a roleplaying journal for fictional character Paul Smecker, created by Troy Duffy and Willem Dafoe.
(This journal is part of theatrical_muse, for the muse Paul Smecker of the fandom Boondock Saints.
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Paul Smecker
Federal Agent, associated with the Organized Crime Task Force
Age: 45

Card-carrying forensics genius, fag, and addict. Addictions include coffee, cigarettes, music, literature, and justice.

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Paul Smecker spent the idyllic days of his youth picking up bad habits and the firm impression that he was smarter than other people. He was right. After an accelerated brush with high school, he applied to the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City at age sixteen. After graduating with a dual degree in Criminal Justice and Forensic Science, he attended Columbia University's School of Law and received his J.D., he spent several years with the NYPD before entering the Federal Bureau of Investigation's training academy at Quantico. After completion of this training, he embarked on a remarkable career as a Special Agent, the impressive successes of his career being surpassed only by his marvelous skill at alienating co-workers and fucking up his personal life.

Though many of his initial accomplishments were done while working with the Behavioral Science department of the Bureau, Agent Smecker did not enjoy the cases Be-Sci brought his way, and focused his attention and energy elsewhere, building a name for himself not only as a forensics genius but as an expert on organized crime. He did much of his work in New York City, but as his reputation grew he was often called to intrepet evidence and work cases in other, more distant cities. A few years' stint in Washington, D.C. ended when he made the mistake of attempting to prosecute the senior senator from Tennessee; the Bureau accordingly placed him a tighter leash for a few years.

After some twenty years of terrorizing his subordinates and occasionally his superiors, Paul Smecker was called back to Boston to look at some dead Russian mobsters in an alley... and the rest, as they say, is history. (History you can watch if you pick up a copy of The Boondock Saints, the movie that Agent Smecker's character is from.)

Now Agent Smecker spends his days living with his decision regarding the MacManus brothers, burying himself once more in the work which has always been his life.

When asked about his personality and hobbies, Agent Smecker remarks that he is "bitchy, bitter, and brilliant. My hobbies include classical music and long walks on the beach, at sunset, looking for waterfowl that have been killed by oil spills. I speak just enough French, Italian, and German to muddle my way through most of my favorite operas. I know my way around coffee and the adult entertainment industry better than most. I have read more books, and had more sex, than you. Anything else, pookums, you're going to have to earn."